The heavens declare the glory of God! Psalm 19:1

We too can glorify God as we marvel at all He has made.


Thanks for visiting Under Night Skies! My name is Nathan Volle and over the years I have enjoyed introducing people to the wonder of the night sky and giving tours of the star-filled heavens inside the planetarium dome. As you look around this site, you will find links to some fun educational pages that can help you explore the majesty of the heavens. There are also some downloadable handouts you might find useful. May you enjoy your tourā€”-Under Night Skies!

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Welcome ICHEĀ attendees! (ICHE is short for Illinois Christian Home Educators).

There were 4000 who attended the recent 2011, June 2nd,3rd,and 4th convention.

About 450 people total, attended the astronomy workshops, divided among the 10 sessions over three days.

If you attended an astronomy workshop session at the ICHE conference and are looking for links and downloads, you’ve come to the right place!

Please see the Resources page for links and downloads.

Also check out ICHE PICTURES, for pictures of the workshops.

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