This is a collection of useful learning resources.


You might want to review the links before sending your children to view them.

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Stellarium – The FREE Planetarium Software

This is a GREAT program! It’s free (Open Source) and available to everyone. The best starting point for learning the night sky!

The sky tonight!

A link to Sky and Telescopes “Week at a glance”—-the best companion, with Stellarium, to keep track of what is up in the sky night by night. A great resource!

Paper Plate Education

A link to a great hands-on site, that uses paper plate projects in hundreds of ways to visualize principles of astronomy. Very unique! Very creative! A MUST for anyone teaching an astronomy unit!

Build a Solar System

A neat page that calculates the relative sizes and distances to build a scale model of the solar system based on the size you input for the sun. There is also a link for a more complicated version with more objects and comparisons.

The 8 planets Just for Kids!

A comprehensive informational site teaching about the 8 planets for grade school children

Your Weight on Other Worlds

A fun page that allows you to enter your weight and calculates your weight on other planets, moons, and stars!

Radiation Dose Chart

A great overview for understanding radiation dosage, as was described at the ICHE astronomy workshop in the demonstration and discussion of the weak nuclear force.

ICHE Nathan Volle information

A link to the Illinois Christian Home Educators website